Monday, May 24, 2010

Spotlight June/July 2010

Hi everyone :)
Welcome to the first issue of our magazine: Spotlight Magazine.
It's our first magazine ever, so it won't be perfect :)

We would love if you would leave a comment :)
Have fun with reading!

Spotlight Magazine Team

This is for my Grandpa ♥

Click on the pages to enlarge!


Super-girl.8 said...

Please comment here :)

xx Sanne ♥

Nickschmidt said...

The graphics are nice, but the ''templates'' of the texts are to...well...It didn't read good.

Super-girl.8 said...

Thanks for you tip!

But i can't get the pictures bigger, you should click on it, than you can read it better :)


Vivaalajuicy said...

It's, it's, well, amazing! I'm speechless!(: For your first time, this looked like you were a pro! Can't wait till the next issue! And thanks for featuring me!

Bootje... said...


lazylyn said...

wow its amazing! :-D

iswim19 said...

The magazine is good overall but try to get some more definite lines on your model, they blur. And try drawing clothes that aren't found on Stardoll, that is what takes Recherche and Fierce to another level. The backgrounds were hard to read, and I found myself struggling to read the superstar vs non-superstar debate. Most of the other articles immediately turned me off because they were unreadable.

Good job on your first issue!